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Web – Diego’s Gallery

Network – Ping Pong

import re
import socket
c = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM)
data = c.recv(4096)
while True:
	data2 = c.recv(4096)
	print data2
	num =": (.*?)\n",data2).group(1).strip()
	print "Sending Num: " + num+"\n"

Surprise – Test My Patience

By opening IDA we can see that the binary is probably obfuscated.

Trying to run a debugger while running the binary we stumble on a Themida error.
Now as far i know trying to debug Themida protected binary is real difficult and probably not the intended way to get the number we need.

Before i go any further i try to run it without any debuggers/monitoring programs.
Of course the binary is running in a safe VM.

Fuzzing a bit lead me to assume the input is 15 characters.

Using Process Explorer we can view parts of the memory,
looking at 15 length strings, we see 661885857745456.

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